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Sin And Death Defeated By Jesus For Us
Mr. E Vautour Aug 10,2014 Rev 15-16:21
Audio Video 162mb
Jesus Is The Gospel
Mr. E Vautour Aug 3,2014 Acts
Audio Video 227mb
Behold, He Is Coming Soon
The Time is near

Mr. E Vautour July 27,2014 Rev 1:1-8;22:6-21
Audio Video 133mb
Disciples Of The Lamb
Mr. E Vautour July 20,2014 Rev 14:1-5;15:1-4
Audio Video 166mb
Preaching The Gospel
Mr. E Vautour July 13,2014 Rev 14:6-10
Audio Video 176mb
Thanks Be To God
Mr. E Vautour July 6,2014 Rom 7:7-8:2
Audio Video 135mb
Beast #2 Empowering Beast #1
Mr. E Vautour June 29,2014 Rev 11-18
Audio Video 156mb
Endurance And Faith Of The Saints
Mr. E Vautour June 22,2014 Rev 13:1-10
Audio Video 152mb
What A Mighty Fortress Is Jesus
Mr. E Vautour June 15,2014 Rev 11:19-12:17
Audio Video 152mb
The Transforming Work Of The Holy Spirit
Mr. E Vautour June 1,2014 John 16:4-15
Audio Video 142mb
Witnesses Of Jesus
Mr. E Vautour June 1,2014 Rev 11:1-13
Audio Video 174mb
The Ascension And Change Of Status For Humanity
Mr. E Vautour May 25,2014 Acts 1:6-11
Audio Video 130mb
Precious Revelation Of The Holy Spirit
Mr. E Vautour May 18,2014 1Thes 1:1-10
Audio Video 131mb
Women Blessed In The Beloved
Mr. E Vautour May 11,2014 Gal 3:25-29
Audio Video 104mb
God's Judgement On Our World
Mr. E Vautour May 4, 2014 Rev 8:11-18 Music in background only about 4 min
Audio Video 178mb
Stand Fast
Mr. E Vautour April 27,2014 Rev 7:1-17
Audio Video 129mb
For He Died And Was Resurrected
Mr. E Vautour April 20,2014 2 Cor 5:1-10
Audio Video 156mb
New Life
Mr. E Vautour April 6th,2014 Rom 5:12-21
Audio Video 149mb
Jesus Is The Final Word
Mr. E Vautour March 23,2014 Rev 6:1-8
Audio Video 138mb
The Kingdom of God
An article by Dr. Gary Dedo
Jesus Came to Seek and Save Sinners
Mr. E Vautour March 16,2014 Lu 19:1-10
The White Horse Of the Apocalypse
Mr. E Vautour March 9,2014 Rev 6:1-8
Paul Yound & C. Baxter Kruger. Played at service March 2nd 2014
Video 285 mb
The Lamb, Worthy Of Worship
Mr. E Vautour Feb 23 2014 Rev 5:1-14
Audio Video 150mb
Let Us Hear The Spirit
Mr. E Vautour Feb 9 2014 Rev 3:14-22
Audio Video 155mb
Example Of A Very Faithful Church
Mr. E Vautour Feb 2 2014 Rev 3:7-13
Audio Video 147mb
Urgent Correction Done In Love
Mr. E Vautour Jan 26 2014 Rev 3:1-6
Audio Video 161mb
Mr. E Vautour Jan 12 2014 Rev 2:18-29
Audio Video 150mb
Jesus Cares What You Think
Mr. E Vautour Jan 12 2014 Rev 2:12-17
Audio Video 153mb
Persevering In Faith
Mr. E Vautour Jan 05 2014 Rev 2:8-11
Audio Video 167mb
Who Will We Worship
Mr. E Vautour Dec 29,2013
Audio Video 152mb
Jesus' Unexpected Genealogy
Mr. E Vautour Dec 8,2013
Audio Video 150mb
The Lion Of Judah,The Root of David,The Lamb
Mr. E Vautour Nov 17,2013 Rev 5
Audio Video 138mb
New Glasses To See The Unseen
Mr. E Vautour Nov 3,2013 Rev 4
Audio Video 139mb
Amazing Love For The Church
Mr. E Vautour Oct 20,2013 Rev 2:1-7
Audio Video 142mb
His Commandments Are Not Burdensome
Dr. Gary Deddo Oct13,2013
Audio Video 217mb
Faith, Theology and The Life Of Joyful Obedience
Dr. Gary Deddo Oct12,2013
Audio Video 202mb
Jesus The Man-As He Is Now
Mr E. Vautour Oct 6,2013 Rev 1:9-20
Audio Video 154mb
The Death Of The Old Self
Mr E. Vautour Sept 8,2013
Instrument Of Praise
Mr E. Vautour Aug 25,2013
Audio Video 108mb
God Is Good Do Not Be Deceived
Mr E. Vautour Aug 18,2013
God Blessing Us
Mr E. Vautour Aug 11,2013
Audio Video 136mb
Why Did Jesus Live?
Mr E. Vautour July 28,2013
Audio Video 122mb
Does Grace Cost Believers?
Mr E. Vautour July 14,2013
Audio Video 155mb
Jesus Has Become King
Mr E. Vautour June 30,2013
Audio Video 137mb
Was Jesus Forsaken?
Mr B. Rabey June 23,2013
Audio Video 91mb
Hearing Or Itching Ears
Mr E. Vautour June 2,2013
Audio Video 140mb
Wonderful Presence Of The Holy Spirit
Mr E. Vautour May 19,2013
Audio Video 154mb
The Ascension Of Christ, A Pivotal Event
Mr E. Vautour May 5,2013
Audio Video 123mb
Sermon On The Mount
Mr E. Vautour April 21,2013
Audio Video 149mb
Heirs With Christ
Mr E. Vautour April 7,2013
Audio Video 138mb
Jesus,The King
Mr E. Vautour March 31,2013
Audio Video 167mb
Crucified Between Two Criminals
Mr E. Vautour March 24,2013
Audio Video 128mb
Be Imitators of God
Mr E. Vautour March 10,2013
Audio Video 159mb
In Christ, Safe Against a Formidable Enemy
Mr E. Vautour Feb 24,2013
Audio Video 97mb
How Do we cope In An Age Of Anxiety?
Mr E. Vautour Feb 17,2013
Audio Video 128mb
How Long Has God Loved Us?
Mr E. Vautour Jan 27,2013
Audio Video 154mb
Remember God- He Is Near
Mr E. Vautour Jan 13,2013
Audio Video 126mb
The Hope Of Christmas
Mr E. Vautour Dec 23,2012
Regrettably video only plays about 2/3 of sermon.
Video 381mb
Man, Sin and The Incarnation
Mr E. Vautour Dec 2,2012
Audio Video 148mb
The Uncertain/Certain Journey Of Life
Mr E. Vautour Nov 25,2012
Audio Video 128mb
Living In Between Times
Mr E. Vautour Nov 11,2012
Audio Video 136mb
God's Presence in the New Testament
Mr E. Vautour Oct 14,2012
Audio Video 148mb
How Secure Does Your Salvation Feel
Mr G. Moore Oct 7,2012
Audio Video 180mb
The God-Man
Mr G. Moore Oct 6,2012
Audio Video 82mb
The Chief End Of Prayers
Mr E. Vautour Sept 23,2012
Prayer: A Gift of Grace
Mr E. Vautour Aug 5,2012
God's Love And Wrath
Mr E. Vautour July22,2012
What In The World Is God Doing
Mr T. Murphy July 15,2012
Love and Judgment
Mr E. Vautour July 8,2012
Grace, Law and Atonement
Mr E. Vautour June 24,2012
God's Beloved
Mr E. Vautour June 3,2012
The Birth Of The Church
Mr E. Vautour May 24,2012
Children Of Abraham
Mr E. Vautour May 06,2012
Streams Of Living Water
Mr E. Vautour April 22,2012
Joy In Assurance
Mr E. Vautour April 1,2012
Guilt, Shame And Christians
Mr E. Vautour March 25,2012
Safe In His Hands
Mr E. Vautour March 11,2012
Relationship With The Law
Mr E. Vautour Feb 26,2012
Dead To Sin Part 2
Mr E. Vautour Jan 22,2012
Dead To Sin Part 1 Rom 6:8-14
Mr E. Vautour Jan 08,2012
Forgiven and Free (Hebrews 9:22-26
Mr E. Vautour Dec 18,2011
Man Behind The Curtain
Mr E. Vautour Nov 27,2011
A Life Worthy Of The Lord
Mr E. Vautour Nov 13,2011
Let Us Keep The Festival Continually
Mr E. Vautour Oct 23,2011
Children In The Arms Of A Loving God
Mr B.Rabey Oct 9,2011
E. Vautour Sept 25 ,2011
The Privilege of Prayer (Eph 3:14-19)
E. Vautour Sept 11 ,2011
The Christian Life An Impossibility ?
E. Vautour ,2011
The Gospel We Can and Do Know
E. Vautour July 24 ,2011
So Great Salvation
E. Vautour July 10 ,2011
Not Relying On Ourselves
E. Vautour June 26 ,2011
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Gods Precious Gift
E. Vautour June 12 ,2011
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Do You Have Assurance You Belong
E. Vautour May 22,2011
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Final Judgement
E. Vautour May 1,2011
Believe. Join The Celebration
E. Vautour April 24,2011
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This is Love
E. Vautour April 10,2011
How Great Is Our Calling (John 14 23-25)
E. Vautour March 27,2011
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Violence and The Cross
E. Vautour March 13,2011
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2011-02-26 Sadness and Lamentations Job 3
E Vautour Feb 27,2011 Job 3

The Christian Hope
E Vautour Feb 13,2011 1 Cor 11 23-26

The Messianic Secret
J. Michael Frezell